Drafting 10

Drafting 10 is an introduction to a broad topic generally referred to as technical drawing, or drafting.  Technical drawing involves the relating of information in a visual and diciplined manner for the purposes of clear communication of ideas.   A career in itself, the knowledge and skills that pertain to technical drawing also embed themselves in many careers and trades.

Manual Drafting

Where it all began!  As much as computers now dominate the technical drawing landscape, it is worth spending some time developing some ‘manual’ drafting skills.  Students will move several excersise building skills, knowledge and an appreciation for the discipline of technical drawing as they do so.

  1. Lesson – Systems of Measurement (Imperial and Metric)
  2. Sketching & Introduction to the Orthographic Drawing Style
  3. Board Drafting 1 – Orthographic Block (Imperial)
  4. Board Drafting 2 – Orthographic Block (Metric)

Design Unit – Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a ‘3D Modelling’ program that can generically be refered to as a ‘CAD’ program (Computer Assisted Design).  It is professional level software, used by engineers, and designers every day.  We will be exploring this software and learning how we can use it to draw object for making.

Setting Up an Account and Obtaining An Education License

You will need to setup an Autodesk account and apply for a Fusion 360 free education license.  All Autodesk software is free to students if they verify their educational status. Follow the link  to complete the two steps noted below.  

  1. Set up an Autodesk account (does not provide free access, only trial access)
    • use your school district email to set up your account – ‘student#@learn71.ca’
  2. Verify your student status to access the ‘educational version’
    • you will need to obtain a class schedule from me and upload this when asked

Getting Started With Fusion 360

If your ‘student status’ has yet to be verified you can still use the software.  You will have a 30 day free trial right away.  You will need to complete the student verification process prior to this expiring.

Keep in mind the useful features built in to YouTube when working through tutorials (something you will be doing often).— Pause, rewind, slow down & speed up

The Basics