Wood Technology 10

Wood Technology 10 is a course that is going to incorporate a traditional woodwork program with new technology (Laser cutter and CNC Router).  There are 2 levels of students in this class (Ones that have taken Woodwork last year in Grade 9 and ones that are taking it for the first time in grade 10).

The first part of the course will focus on traditional woodwork and learning machines by completing a laminated project.  During this time students will be introduced to how to draw in 2D using Adobe Illustrator, 3D using Autodesk Inventor and in the CNC router software called Vcarve. The use of these programs will allow students to output to a laser engraver or CNC router to enhance their projects appearance!

The second part of the course will see students design and build a project on their own.  

Course Outline Woodwork 10

Mitred Keepsake Box

No, it’s not ‘just’ a box, it’s a piece of fine woodworking that involves many process, all of which take care to detail for the box to display your woodworking prowess!  Many woodworkers specialize in making nothing more than wooden boxes and never seem to get bored as there is seemingly no end to the designs that can be dreamt up.

Design Unit – Autodesk Fusion 360

We’re going to get started by learning how to model objects in a 3D computer environment, ‘3D modelling’.  A series of video tutorials will guide you through using Fusion 360 to model your box and help you to create a set of plans to build the box from. 

Setting Up an Account and Obtaining An Education License

You will need to setup an Autodesk account and apply for a Fusion 360 free education license.  Follow the directions in class to first set your account up and next, to have your student status verified.

Tutorial Series

Keep in mind the useful features built in to YouTube when working through tutorials (something you will be doing often).— Pause, rewind, slow down & speed up

The Basics

Modelling the Mitred Box Lid

Modelling the bottom


Machine Safety

The following is a list of tools that involve students moving through a safety process that involves a demonstration, quiz, first use observation and ongoing supervision.  The included links lead to documents that highlight the safety knowledge that all students must exhibit understanding of in order to use the tool.