Wood Technology 10


Wood Technology 10 is a course that is going to incorporate a traditional woodwork program with new technology (Laser cutter, CNC Router and 3D printers).  The first part of the course will focus on students learning to draw in 3D and then taught how to output a design from Autodesk Inventor to a 3D printer, Laser engraver and CNC router.  The second part of the course will see students design and build a project to sit on.  

Wood Technology 10 Outline 2017


The following machines will be covered in a tradition demo/safety test manor to ensure the safe and proper use of the machine.  Students will not be able to use a machine until the safety test/demo is complete. 

General Safety
Disc/Belt/Spindle Sander 
Scroll Saw 
Band Saw
Drill Press
Mitre Saw
Thickness Planer
Table Saw
Wood Lathe

Wood Theory

A small amount of theory will be given in the course that revolves around costing material and taking wood from a rough state to finished dimensions.

Dressing A Piece of Wood Procedure
Dressing a Piece of Wood
Calculating Materials

Laser Cutting/Engraving


Inventor – 3D Model a Die
3D Die – Assignment
Video #1, Video #2, Video #3

Inventor – 3D Printing your Die
Getting from Inventor to Tinkerine Suite 
Setting up the 3D Printer/Printing

Inventor – Laser Engrave your 3D Die as 2D pieces
Inventor to Laser Engraver
Material cut settings
Focusing and Cutting

Career/Trades Website


Laminated Project

 This project is used as an introduction to using woodworking machinery (Jointer, Planer, Tablesaw, Mitre saw and Router).  Students may even use a Laser Cutter to engrave and a CNC Router to make a more complicated shape.

Laminated Project Procedure 2017

Video Tutorials for Drawing the Laminated project
Inventor – Drawing your laminated project
Inventor – Modifying an Assembly for shape
Inventor – Creating a Working Drawing

Inventor to Vcarve for CNC Routing
Inventor to Vcarve Pro 9.0
Vcarve Pro – Editing a drawing and tool paths


Additional Project Procedures
Checker Board Procedure
Jewelry Box Procedure

Major Project

Each student will use what they have learned in the course to complete a final project that they will sit on (bar stool, bench, chair, etc).  This project will be designed in Inventor, a set of plans produced and a procedure completed to ensure they have a process to follow.