Resources to Helps Students get started

Welcome to the Electronics Resources Page for students.  This page has lots of information on learning electronics and is intended on being used as a resource when you are stuck or what to start working on electronics outside of class. Common Tools & Equipment – used in the classroom Common Parts and Symbols – these are the basic parts and their symbols that you will be using in the classroom. How to setup a power supply (youtube) How to Breadboard (youtube) Resistor/LED explaination (youtube) Basic component explaination (youtube)

Software used in the Electronics Program

Diptrace Program – from the company website. Download the free version. I have created 3 custom libraries that go with the program that make it a lot easier. These 3 files have been compressed in the following zip file Diptrace – parts which you can download and install. As I create components needed in my class I update these files. The lasted time updated was Sept 16, 2016. Here is a tutorial on using Diptrace provided by the company and my own tutorials are below;

Schematic Drawing - Youtube
Using DipTrace - Library Setup
Using Diptrace - Making a Schematic
PCB Making - Youtube
PCB Layout - Initial Setup
Making a PCB Layout Using Diptrace
Fritzing – Great piece of software for creating graphics for breadboarding, then creating the schematic and a circuitboard.

Basic Electronics Tutorials

What is a Breadboard
Basic Electronics Theory (Ohm's law, etc)
University of Colorado - Simulations
Current & Voltage
MAKE Magazine - ohm's law

Miscellaneous Information

Interesting Websites
MAKE Magazine
Nuts and Volts
How Stuff Works
Various Calculators/Tables
DC Cable Size Calculator
12v DCwiring table
Ohm's Law Calculators
PCB Trace Width Calculator
Wire Parameter Calculator
Online Stores - Parts
Digikey - Canada
Solarbotics- Canada
Robotshop - Canada