General Exploration/Maker 8

General Exploration/Maker 8 is a course that has been designed to introduce students to using their ‘head & hands’ to produce physical artifacts using a variety of software, tools and equipment.  Students will use a laser cutter/engraver, learn to solder and make a small electronic circuit board

Lantern Project

Students will design a small lantern and then cut it out on the Laser Engraver.  Once completed a small electronic circuit that fades different colours will be made and placed inside.

Using Inkscape to Draw the Lantern’s Sides

Using the Laser to Cut the Lantern’s Sides

Making the Electronic Circuit Board
   Making the Circuit Board

3D Printing the PCB Holder 

   Click the link to the right and follow the guide…Lantern Project 3D Printing Guide

Finally Assembly of Project

  1. Sand the smoke from the laser off of the outside of all pieces
  2. Have your teacher spray a clear coat on the outside of all pieces
  3. Cut pieces of translucent tracing paper and glue stick these to the inside of all lantern pieces except the bottom.
    • Paper should overhang edges and be trimmed off afterward using a utility knife and cutting board.
    • Glue is to be applied to the wood, then apply the paper to the glue being careful not to wrinkle
  4. Carefully assemble the lantern. It is intended to fit snugly so this may take a bit of work.

How to 3D Model Using Autodesk Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is a ‘3D Modelling’ program that can generically be refered to as a ‘CAD’ program (Computer Assisted Design).  It is professional level software, used by engineers, and designers every day.  We will be exploring this software and learning how we can use it to draw object for making.

Setting Up an Account and Obtaining An Education License

You will need to setup an Autodesk account and apply for a Fusion 360 free education license.  All Autodesk software is free to students if they verify their educational status. Follow the directions in class to…

  1. Set up an Autodesk account (does not provide free access, only trial access)
  2. Verify your student status to access the ‘educational version’ 

Getting Started With Fusion 360

If your ‘student status’ has yet to be verified you can still use the software.  You will have a 30 day free trial right away.  You will need to complete the student verification process prior to this expiring.

Keep in mind the useful features built in to YouTube when working through tutorials (something you will be doing often).— Pause, rewind, slow down & speed up

Design/Make a Key Fob 

Model a Lego Block

Safety Unit – Tools/Procedures