General Exploration/Maker 8


General Exploration/Maker 8 is a course that has been designed to introduce students to hands on using a variety of software, tools and equipment.  Students will use 3D printers, a laser engraver, make a small electronic circuit board, use a vinyl sign cutter and design and build a small woodwork project using a variety of machines. 

Maker 8 Outline 2017

Machine Safety Unit

The following machines will be covered in a tradition demo/safety test manor to ensure the safe and proper use of the machine.  Students will not be able to use a machine until the safety test/demo is complete. 

General Safety 
Disc/Belt/Spindle Sander 
Scroll Saw 
Band Saw 
Drill Press

Intro to Laser Cuttings/Engraving Assignment

The following tutorials are to help you get started using Adobe Illustrator and then outputting the file to the Laser Engraver.  You are to create a small sign/name tag that will be 5″ long by 2″.  You can Laser it onto either plastic or wood. 

Opening the Laser Engraver Template
Making A Basic Sign
Material cut settings
Focusing and Cutting

Sticker/T-shirt Project

Use the following tutorials to learn how to draw and then cut material on the Vinyl Sign Cutter to create a 2 colour sticker or a t-shirt.  A t-shirt and the material cost extra.

Using Cut Studio – 2 colour sticker 
Vinyl Cutter – piece of sticker material 
Vinyl Cutter – piece of t-shirt material 
Vinyl Cutter – installing a roll of material

Gumball Machine

Students will design and build a gumball machine.  This project will allow them to be introduced to the different machines in the room.


Gumball Machine Procedure Sheet


Lantern Project

Students will design a small lantern and then cut it out on the Laser Engraver.  Once completed a small electronic circuit that fades different colours will be made and placed inside.

Drawing and Laser Cutting the Lantern
Getting Started in Illustrator
Tracing an Image
Transforming Objects (Move, Scale, etc)

Material cut settings
Focusing and Cutting

Making the Electronic Circuit Board
Making the Circuit Board

Circuit Board Holder using Autodesk Inventor
Intro to Inventor (youtube)
Making the holder – Part 1
Making the holder – Part 2
Making the holder – Part 3
Making the holder – Part 4
Making the holder – Part 5

3D Printing the Holder
Getting from Inventor to Tinkerine Suite
Setting up the 3D Printer/Printing

Finally Assembly of Project