Maker/Robotics Club

Welcome to the Mark Isfeld Makerspace/Robotics Club.  The club runs from the second week of September until May.  At this point in time, it will run Mondays after school (except holidays) and Thursdays after school UNLESS I am away at a conference or sick.  We start after school and will sometimes stay until 7:30pm (not mandatory). We will organize dinner that students would pay for on the late nights.

We will be travelling to several tournaments throughout the year and competing.  Most of these require an overnight stay in a hotel.  See the calendar below for the competition dates.  Not all team members will participate in each tournament.

To ensure you are kept up to date on any changes to the schedule, please refer to the calendar below where I would post any changes/cancellations.   

2018/2019 Calendar of Events

Vex Robotics – Tower Takeover (2019 – 2020) Game

Game Explanation – YouTube
Game Manual, Field Specs, Skills, VRC Hub Apps

TUMBLER – for the first timer……