Shop Class via ‘Remote Learning’

The situation, as you all know, is not exactly ideal.  We do however have to make the best of it.  So, let’s get at it!

In thinking and researching what is possible/applicable given the current circumstances, I arrived at what I believe is a perspective on what really matters when it comes to shop offerings and what I hope students will take away from these experiences first and foremost, this being the development of ‘Practical Skills’ that can be applied to the physical world in which we live. So, if we are going to narrow our focus to make the weeks/months ahead manageable, I believe we can use this lens to guide our journey.

The expectation is that we offer ‘educational continuity’.  However, given that we no longer have a school shop to work from, this is going to look quite different.  As I set out to design the framework that will guide your Term 4 assignments, my hope is that the assignments inspire you to continue to build your personal practical skill sets and increase your base of knowledge in this regard.  As our personal situations can vary dramatically at this time, a large degree of flexibility is necessary in the design of any assignments and I have tried my best to keep this in mind.

Also, please keep in mind that it is not my intention to bring any additional stresses to your days.  Try to see your work as a welcomed occupier of time, a distraction if you will, and an opportunity to explore a personal area of interest and receive course credits for doing so!

I have broken your assignment into three stages, as seen below.  Please note the due dates.  I have only made the first stage active for now as this is what I would like you to focus on this week.  Instructions for submitting your assignments will be included within the information provided in the links.

Assignment Part A – Planning (due date, Friday, April 24th)

Assignment Part B – Doing and Documenting (due date extended to, Friday, May 8th)

Assignment Part C – Presenting (due date, Friday May 15th)