Physics & Engineering 11

Physics and Engineering is an 8 credit course that is team taught between the Physics teacher, Mr. Pendak and the Electronics/Engineering teacher, Mr. Claassen. The students apply the theory learned in Physics to solve problems using vex robotics, electronics, programming, 3D modelling, CAD and ROVs (underwater Submarine).

This is a course designed for students that like to take Physics to the next level and use it while involved in hands on labs and projects.

Physics and Engineering 11 outline 2018

Electronics/Arduino Unit

How to setup a power supply (youtube)
How to Breadboard (youtube)
Resistor/LED explaination (youtube)
Basic component explaination (youtube)
Electronic Components, Ohm’s/Watt’s Laws, Resistor Colour Code (Powerpoint)

Lab #1 – How resistors works (more info..)
Lab #2 – Potentiometers (more info..)
Lab #3 – Photocells (more info..)
Lab #4 – Diodes (more info..)
Lab #5 – Capacitors (more info..)
Lab #6 – Transistors (more info..)

Arduino is a small microprocessor that can be programmed to control things.  The students will learning to this in the labs below using such things as LEDs, servo motors and a Liquid Crystal Display.

Arduino Getting Started – An introduction
Arduino Lab #1 – Blink LED/RGB LED
Arduino Lab #2 – 5 LED Sequence/Call Function
Arduino Lab #3 – If statements and Variables
Arduino Lab #4 – Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

Mechanical Unit