Marine Technology 10

Marine Technology 10 is a safe boating course that students can take to get their Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC).  A PCOC is required to operate a power boat legally in Canada. The local power squadron will come into the class and administer the test at the end of the course. For fun, and to develop design & build skills, the students will construct a cardboard boat and race against each other at Comox Lake.

Marine Technology Course Outline

Want to know if you should take this course?  Test your knowledge and see…. – Practice Exam
Boatsmart Canada – Practice Exam

About Writing the PCOC Test

  • The Transport Canada final exam is an open-book exam.
  • There will be 50 multiple choice questions.
  • You will have 75 minutes to complete the final exam.
  • The passing grade is 75%
  • If you do not achieve the passing grade for the final exam, retakes are free.
  • You can use all your notes during the final exam.
  • As soon as you pass the PCOC exam you will receive a temporary certificate valid for 60 days.
  • This means you can go boating legally as soon as you have passed the exam!

Safe Boating Guide

Transport Canada publishes the Safe Boating Guide for Pleasure Craft Operators.  The information in this guide is what needs to be known in order to both pass the PCOC test and be safe while operating motorized vessels on the water.  Below is a link to the complete guide, as well as links to its various sections for convenience.

Complete Safe Boating Guide 

Additional Resources for Study – Safe boating Course – PDF – Booklet – Watercraft Safety Study Guide – PDF – Booklet – Course Manual – PDF Booklet – PCOC Study Guide – PDF Booklet – Practice Exam online

 Unit 1 – Boating Terminology  (Quiz Date: Friday, April 24)

When speaking about boating, it isn’t long into a conversation before the use of nautical terms becomes necessary.  When studying for your PCOC these boating specific terms and descriptors need to be learned from the outset for everything that is to follow depends on their understanding.

The following will help you to develop an understanding of boating terminology:

YouTube Videos


Unit 2 – Safety Equipment  (quiz date May 1st)

Boat Requirements and Safety Equipment – Powerpoint

From the Safe Boating Guide for Pleasure Craft Operators…

Collision Regulations – Unit 4 (Quiz Date: Friday, May 15)

Collision Regulations

Youtube Video

Safe Boating Guide

General Knowledge – Unit 5  (Quiz Date: Friday, May 29)

Common Sense Powerpoint

7 Knots for Marine Use

In boating, there are many useful knots to know.  Students will learn to tie these knots (Bowline, Clove Hitch, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Sheet Bend, Square Knot, Cleat Hitch, Figure Eight) in class and will be tested on them.

Knots you MUST know

Links to Animated/Video examples of knots
Knots by Grog
YouTube Video

Autodesk Fusion 360

We’re going to get started by learning how to model objects in a 3D computer environment, ‘3D modelling’.  You’re going to start by following 4 tutorials.  These will take you through the basics of using Fusion 360.  You will be making a complete modeled object, an electrical junction box.  And from this model you will created a 2D drawing, the type you would be given if you were assigned the job of making it.

Setting Up an Account and Obtaining An Education License

You will need to setup an Autodesk account and apply for a Fusion 360 free education license

Tutorial Series

Keep in mind the useful features built in to YouTube when working through tutorials (something you will be doing often).

— Pause, rewind, slow down & speed up

Tutorial – Drawing a Boat

Cardboard Boat Project

Cardboard Boat Outline