Marine Technology 10

*** Under Construction for Semester 2 ***


Marine Tech 9/10 is a safe boating course that students can take to get their Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) so they can drive a boat legally in Canada. The local power squadron will come into the class and administer the test at the end of the course. For fun, the students will build a cardboard boat and race against each other at Comox Lake.t you want.

Course Outline

Want to know if you should take this course?  Test your knowledge and see….
Day 1 – Test your knowledge – Practie test

Canadian Power Squadron Online Study Guide
Boater Exam Online Course

Transport Canada – Safe Boating Guide – PDF booklet
Boaterexam .com – Safe boating Course – PDF – Booklet – Watercraft Safety Study Guide – PDF – Booklet

Course Units

Boating Terminology – Unit 1

Notes and Assignments
Boat Terminology – Assignment #1
Boat Parts – Assignment #2


Youtube Videos
Boat Terminology 1
Boat Terminology 2
Engine Types
Hull Types


Safety Equipment – Unit 2


Notes and Assignments
Safety Equipment Notes

Cardboard Boat Project