Marine Technology 10

Marine Technology 10/11 is a safe boating course that students can take to get their Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC) so they can drive a boat legally in Canada. The local power squadron will come into the class and administer the test at the end of the course. For fun, the students will build a cardboard boat and race against each other at Comox Lake.t you want.

Marine Technology Outline

Want to know if you should take this course?  Test your knowledge and see…. – Practice Exam
Boatsmart Canada – Practice Exam

7 Knots for Marine Use

In boating, there are many useful knots to know.  Students will learn to tie these knots (Bowline, Clove Hitch, Round Turn and Two Half Hitches, Sheet Bend, Square Knot, Cleat Hitch, Figure Eight) in class and will be tested on them.

Knots you MUST know

Links to Animated/Video examples of knots
Knots by Grog
YouTube Video

General Knowledge – Unit 5

Common Sense Powerpoint

Online Resources for Study

Transport Canada – Safe Boating Guide – PDF Booklet
Boaterexam .com – Safe boating Course – PDF – Booklet – Watercraft Safety Study Guide – PDF – Booklet – Course Manual – PDF Booklet – PCOC Study Guide – PDF Booklet – Practise Exam online

Safety Equipment – Unit 2

Boat Requirements and Safety Equipment

Collision Regulations – Unit 4

Collision Regulations

Youtube Video

Cardboard Boat Project

Cardboard Boat Outline