Maker 9 (with Ms. Watt)


General Exploration/Maker 9 is a course that has been specifically designed to complement Ms Watt’s Math/Science 9 classes during Semester 1 through hands on using a variety of software, tools and equipment.  Students will use 3D printers and a laser engraver, learn to solder and make a small electronic circuit board, use VexIQ robotics, and build using a variety of woodworking  tools and equipment.

Maker 9 Outline 2018

*Note: This is a new course and the content may change throughout the course.

Vex IQ Robotics

Getting Started
Building the Clawbot (First Build)
Pairing the Controller/Brain
Downloading the Firmware (Robotc)
Opening a sample program (Robotc)
Downloading your first Program (Robotc)

Powerpoint Lessons/Math
Traveling Distance/Turning Calculations


Reference Material
Control System User Guide (As reference)
Armbot IQ Build Instructions(as reference)

Class Challenge
VEX IQ Autonomous Challenge

Machine Safety Unit

The following machines will be covered in a tradition demo/safety test manor to ensure the safe and proper use of the machine.  Students will not be able to use a machine until the safety test/demo is complete. 

General Safety 
Mitre Saw
Thickness Planer 
Table Saw 


Breadboarding – Student Answer Booklet – You will be given this. 
DON’T lose it as it is used for marking purposes.

How to setup a power supply (youtube)
How to Breadboard (youtube)
Resistor/LED explaination (youtube)
Basic component explaination (youtube)

Basic Electricity (voltage, resistance, current) – Powerpoint
Electronic Components – Powerpoint
Resistor Colour Code – Powerpoint

Lab #1 – How resistors works (more info..)
Lab #2 – Potentiometers (more info..)
Lab #3 – Photocells (more info..)
Lab #4 – Diodes (more info..)
Lab #5 – Capacitors (more info..)
Lab #6 – Transitors (more info..)
Lab #7 – Automatic Night Light
Lab #8 – Flashing Lights

Bonus Lab – 2 LED Decision Maker

Vinyl Cutter Project
Sticker/T-shirt Project

Use the following tutorials to learn how to draw and then cut material on the Vinyl Sign Cutter to create a 2 colour sticker or a t-shirt.  A t-shirt and the material cost extra.

Using Cut Studio – 2 colour sticker 
Vinyl Cutter – piece of sticker material 
Vinyl Cutter – piece of t-shirt material 
Vinyl Cutter – installing a roll of material