Electronics/Robotic 9

Electronics/Robotics 9 is a course designed to introduce students to the world of electronics & robotics. The course is 1 term in length (approx 50hrs). The students will begin by breadboarding simple circuits and in doing so, learn what some of the more common components do.  Once a number of labs are completed the students will design and build a printed circuit board and use a 3d printer to make a project.  

The second part of the course will see students use VexIQ robotics.  Students will design,build and program the robot to do various tasks using a variety of different sensors.   

Electronics-Robotics 9 Outline 2019

Below you will find a number of resources and materials that will be used for the course. Also, look under Resources on the Electronics Drop Down Menu for additional information on electronics.


Breadboarding – Student Answer Booklet – You will be given this. 
DON’T lose it as it is used for marking purposes.

How to setup a power supply (youtube)
How to Breadboard (youtube)
Resistor/LED explaination (youtube)
Basic component explaination (youtube)

Lab #1 – How resistors works (more info..)
Lab #2 – Potentiometers (more info..)
Lab #3 – Photocells (more info..)
Lab #4 – Diodes (more info..)
Lab #5 – Capacitors (more info..)
Lab #6 – Transitors (more info..)
Lab #7 – Automatic Night Light
Lab #8 – Flashing Lights
Lab #9 – 555 Integrated Circuit

Bonus Lab – 2 LED Decision Maker


Arduino Getting Started – An introduction
Arduino Lab #1 – Blink LED/RGB LED
Arduino Lab #2 – 5 LED Sequence/Call Function
Arduino Lab #3 – If statements and Variables

Water Piano Project

The Water Piano is a fun and quirky project which teaches students the various processes/stages of taking a project from conception to completion. This project uses an Integrated Circuit to create sound waves, using water as a variable resistor. This project will build on the introductory breadboarding labs and introduce you to designing, etching and soldering a circuit board,as well as 3D modelling and 3Dprinting.


Vex IQ Robotics

Getting Started
Building the Clawbot (First Build)

Powerpoint Lessons/Math
Traveling Distance/Turning Calculations

Class Challenge
VEX IQ Autonomous Challenge

Reference Material

Control System User Guide (As reference)
Armbot IQ Build Instructions(as reference)
Pairing the Controller/Brain
Downloading the Firmware (Robotc)
Opening a sample program (Robotc)
Downloading your first Program (Robotc)