Electronics 11/12

Electronics 11/12 is about furthering a students knowledge in the understanding of the world of electricity and electronics. Students will learn, in greater detail than in Grade 9/10, about the different components that are used in electronics devices and build quality projects.  CODING is part of the course as students will use Arduino for most circuits they work with.  The use of 3D software, 3D printers and a Laser Cutter will be used to develop cases for the projects students make to enclose the circuit boards they develop using computer software.  In addition students will learn the correct use of test equipment.  

Electronics 11 Outline 2019


Breadboarding – Student Answer Booklet – You will be given this. 
DON’T lose it as it is used for marking purposes.

How to setup a power supply (youtube)
How to Breadboard (youtube)
Resistor/LED explaination (youtube)
Basic component explaination (youtube)

Lab #1 – How resistors works (more info..)
Lab #2 – Potentiometers (more info..)
Lab #3 – Photocells (more info..)
Lab #4 – Diodes (more info..)
Lab #5 – Capacitors (more info..)
Lab #6 – Transitors (more info..)
Lab #7 – Automatic Night Light
Lab #8 – Flashing Lights
Lab #9 – 555 Integrated Circuit

Bonus Lab – 2 LED Decision Maker


ELECTRICAL LAB HANDOUTS – Collection of Labs #1-8
Extension Cord Lab – Replace the end on an extension cord
Wall/Breaker panel install – Run 2 circuits from a breaker panel.

Powerpoint Lessons
Getting Power From The Powerplant To The Outlet –  Lab #1
Wiring Receptacles – Labs #2 and #3
Wiring Switches – Labs # 4 – #7
Watt’s Law and Electricity –  Basic Theory
Watts Law Assignment


Arduino Getting Started – An introduction
Arduino Lab #1 – Blink LED/RGB LED
Arduino Lab #2 – 5 LED Sequence/Call Function
Arduino Lab #3 – If statements and Variables
Arduino Lab #4 – LCD Screen
Arduino Lab #5  – Ultrasonic

Theory Unit

Series and Parallel Circuits – Powerpoint
Ohm’s Law & Watt’s Law – Powerpoint
Voltage/Current Assignment
Ohm’s Law/Watt’s Law Assignment

See “Basic Electronics Tutorials” under the Electronics Resources Page for link to web resources on this theory for a more indepth understanding

Useless Box Project

The Useless Box is a simple and fun little project that teaches students the various processes/stages of taking a project from conception to completion.  Students will breadboard the circuit, program an Arduino Nano to make the circuit work, create a printed circuit circuit board, design a case in Inventor, 3D print the case and finally assemble it all together to create a professional looking project.  See youtube video of it in action HERE.

Term 2 – Individual Self Directed Project

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3 x 3 x 3 LED Cube

Procedure coming soon…….

How to make a Video Instructable

Video Link to previous student built project