Skills Exploration 11 (Carpentry 11/12)

Carpentry 11/12 (Skills Exploration) will cover a variety of different areas (Electrical, carpentry/woodwork, plumbing & drafting) throughout this semester long course.  Students will start in Term 1 with an Electrical unit that will teach the basics wiring receptacles, switches and lights in the home.  From there, they will complete a plumbing unit with PEX pipe and copper, followed by a carpentry unit to understand the basics of framing (walls/floors).  For term 2, they will learning a bit of drafting & design and complete a woodwork/carpentry project as an individual or in a group.

Carpentry/Skills Exploration 11-12 Outline 2018


ELECTRICAL LAB HANDOUTS – Collection of Labs #1-8
Extension Cord Lab – Replace the end on an extension cord
Wall/Breaker panel install – Run 2 circuits from a breaker panel.

Powerpoint Lessons
Getting Power From The Powerplant To The Outlet –  Lab #1
Wiring Receptacles – Labs #2 and #3
Wiring Switches – Labs # 4 – #7
Watt’s Law and Electricity –  Basic Theory
Watts Law Assignment

Board Drafting

Assignment #1 (Sketching – needs to be printed out)
Assignment #2 (Using tools)
Assignment #3 (Orthographic projection)

Isometric Drawing – Powerpoint Lesson
Orthographic – Powerpoint Lesson

Computer Drafting Unit – AutoCAD

Learning Basic Commands – Assignment #1

Setting up a drawing template – Assignment #2

Drawing a border – Assignment #3

Gasket #1 (mirror command) – Assignment #4

AutoCad to Laser Engraver
 – Assignment #5
AutoCAD to Laser Engraver – Youtube
Focus/Cutting – YouTube

AutoCAD to CNC Router – Assignment #6
Exporting from AutoCAD
Vcarve Tool Profile Settings
Vcarve to CNC (Modifying Drawing/Tool Paths)

Orthographic Drawing – Assignment #7
Video #1, Video #2, Video #3

Intro to Using Inventor for Drawing Projects

Inventor – Assignment #1 (Making an End Table)
Intro & Drawing a Leg
Drawing a simple Rail
Drawing a Solid and 4 piece Top
Assembling the Top
Assembling the Entire Table
Modifying an Assembly



The following machines will be covered in a tradition demo/safety test manor to ensure the safe and proper use of the machine.  Students will not be able to use a machine until the safety test/demo is complete. 

General Safety 
Disc/Belt/Spindle Sander 
Band Saw 
Drill Press
Mitre Saw
Thickness Planer 
Table Saw 
Wood Lathe 

Wood Theory

Theory will be given in the course that revolves around costing material and taking wood from a rough state to finished dimensions.

Dressing A Piece of Wood Procedure
Dressing a Piece of Wood
Calculating Materials

Plumbing Labs

Coming soon………… 

Term 2 Individual/Group Project

THis project can be individual or as a group.  Depending on the students interest and skill level the scope of this project will vary significantly.  A student may chose to make a piece of fine woodworking furniture (chair, table, clock, storage case, etc) or delve into the world of laser engraving and cnc routing.  Others may decide to work with outside groups in the school to construct a variety of items.

The teacher and students will discuss project options throughout the course.

Project Ideas
Shop Notes